Our PHS National Honor Society has sponsored a free student-to-student tutoring program, Learning Connections, which is offered Monday-Thursday in Room 17 before school with the NHS sponsor, Liana Vega.

NHS tutors will help with math, English, history, SAT, and ACT. Science, French, and Spanish NHS will tutor in their subject areas. We’ll gladly help students prepare for EOCs, the FSA, SAT, and ACT.

Morning tutoring is Monday through Thursday7:50 to 8:20, and students will sign up in Mrs. Vega’s room (17). They’ll report to her room for tutoring in the morning. Please be sure your students have a yellow pass.

The Schedule will be as follows…

Monday: Alg. 1/Reading
Tuesday: Geometry/Reading
Wednesday: Alg 2/Reading
Thursday: Alg 1/Reading
If a student requires another subject or extra help after these 2 weeks, we will try to set up a 1 on 1 tutor with them!

Also remind your students they are responsible for bringing study materials, assignments, textbooks, etc. so we can help them. We do have books for SAT, ACT, and the FSA for ELA, but that’s it.

Let Mrs. Vega know if you have any questions!

  • Donations to the Drive for Excellence are Tax-Deductible!