Reflection and the CAS Program

Reflection and the CAS Program

Reflection is an essential part of the CAS Program. Reflection distinguishes CAS as a service learning experience instead of just a community service requirement. The goal of reflection is to help students gain new understandings about themselves and their community by analyzing significant experiences. Reflections can be formal or informal, an essay or a video. Whatever format your reflection comes in, the important thing is that you reflect!

Reflection Requirements:
9th and 10th grade FL Pre-CAS: 3 reflections should be completed by August 1st before junior year
Reflections should be done for significant experiences

11th and 12th grade IB CAS: 1 reflection will be completed every 9 weeks
Reflections must be uploaded into ManageBac

Use the four F’s of reflection to help guide your reflections.

Facts – Explain what actually happened. This should be a descriptive narrative of events as they happened. What? Where? When? How? Who? Try to focus on specific events, circumstances or situations that are important and relevant to the learning outcome rather than reflecting on every aspect of your experience.

Feelings – Explain how the experience made you feel before, during and afterwards.
Emotions are a key to learning so try to articulate them accurately and pinpoint what caused them.

Findings – Explain your thoughts about what happened and why? Think critically and analyze the events, your choices, actions and emotions to see if you can figure out any important realizations, discoveries, learning or new ideas.

Future – Explain what you are going to do with any new learning you have gained. Does it give you any new perspectives? Does it throw up any new questions that you have not considered before? Is there anything you’d like to do or find out about as a result of this experience?

(from St. Paul’s Co-Educational College CAS Handbook, pg. 12-13)

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