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Dear IB Parents and Families,

I hope you are enjoying your summer! Even though it’s only July, the start of the school year is right around the corner.  I’m incredibly honored to be a part of a program that strives for academic excellence, fosters a supportive and close knit community, and encourages students’ personal growth and discovery about the world around them.   However, the extent by which this program has developed would not be possible without the IB Support Foundation (IBSF).   IBSF has helped in a multitude of ways including raising money from IB families to fill in the many gaps of our program’s needs, coordinating volunteers for IB and AP exams, and organizing many IB special events such as the IB Senior Convocation and IB Induction ceremonies. I am always amazed and humbled by the hard work and dedication of this group.  In order to provide for the IB program, IBSF has an annual fundraiser called the Drive for Excellence in which all proceeds go to the IB program. This financial support provides core materials and supplies that are not covered by the PHS/IB budget. The IB faculty depends on the Drive for Excellence as these donations ensure we have the items and materials necessary to provide a quality education for our students.  This year, the budget for the IB Program at PHS has been reduced by over $30,000 due to cuts in the state budget. This makes the Drive for Excellence most important this year.  I ask you to contribute in any way possible and become a member of IBSF today. Every donation makes our program better.  Our goal is to have every family be a member of IBSF so we can unite together and make this program the best it can be!

Here are just a few items that are needed for the IB Program for this school year:

  • Funds to support the improving the Extended Essay process
  • Financial support to improve the lab equipment in the Biology, Chemistry, and the Physics programs
  • Supplies for the IB Art program ($2,000 worth of materials)
  • Funds for course materials and curriculum for IB Business Management and other classes
  • Funds to create and purchase marketing materials to send to university admission offices to showcase our IB program
  • Funds to purchase IB exam reports that are used by IB faculty and staff to analyze our curriculum compared to other IB programs and then strengthen the caliber of our curriculum and course offerings
  • Provide funds to send the new IB College Counselor to the NACAC (National Association of College Admission Counseling) and to improve the college planning process at IB

Beginning this school year, IBSF monthly board meetings will be open to those who join IBSF.  More information will follow.  I hope that you will choose to join IBSF and contribute to the Drive for Excellence. The IB Support Foundation is essential to the success of the IB program.  I cannot wait to see you all in August!  Have a great rest of your summer!

Warm regards,

Laura Brewer
IB Coordinator/ Administrator

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  • Donations to the Drive for Excellence are Tax-Deductible!