How Can I Help my IB Student?

How can you help your Student in the IB Program?

*Make a donation to the IBSF Drive for Excellence which helps to support IBSF-sponsored events as well as IB classroom and administrative needs.

*As a member of the IBSF, you you will be included in our email distribution lists and the ISBF Directory. You will also be invited to our annual general membership voting meeting held in the spring of every school year.


*Your support will help to ensure an enriched and enhanced school experience for our IB students.

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It’s Easy to become a member of the IB Support Foundation!

Drive For Excellence Donations must be paid and the donation form returned to the IBSF Treasurer no later than October 1 of the current school year in order to be included in the IBSF Membership directory.  


The mission of the International Baccalaureate Support Foundation (IBSF), Inc. is to create a parental support structure for the IB administration, faculty, and students that provides coordination of special projects and events, in addition to financial support, service and advocacy both within the IB program and community. 



  • Donations to the Drive for Excellence are Tax-Deductible!