Mrs. Stephens All Biology Class Page

Hi Everyone, Please refer to your Google Classroom Pages for Information.

Students that need to read their book chapters online can do so at their Google Classroom, the chapters have been uploaded to the Google Classroom for all students to use.

The AP Book also has reading pages in the Reading Syllabus associated with the units we are working in throughout the year.

Hopefully the rest of the books will come in soon.

Science Fair NEWS

DEADLINE FOR PAPERWORK TO BE LOOKED AT FOR IRB or SRC approval prior to experimentation is

9/22 for first approval

10/22 for second approval

Our school Science Fair is Dec. 9th so you need to get working on paperwork.

All students need

Form 1

Form 1A with detailed Research Plan, you can go on county web site and there is a great new website helper for the plan if you want to follow it.  The new director likes it!!

Form 1B signed in BLUE INK!

If you are doing special things that need special forms you must get them all signed in BLUE INK!

See me about any special forms!!! Room 201


News for IB Bio 1 & 2.  Mesocosum Practical Requirement starts tomorrow.  Materials list for each group:

  • 3 2-liter bottles empty and washed
  • multiple organisms of aquatic and terrestrial in nature.  You choose them.  Examples are:
    • snails (aquatic and/or terrestrial)
    • liter with growing leaf fungus
    • earthworms
    • isopods (rolly pollies) or other non-poisonous insects
    • fish (limitation to size, one inch of fish per gallon of water)
    • your own gravel is optional, I will supply gravel
    • your own aquatic plant is optional, I will supply plant.
    • Your choice of terrestrial plant to clone, or I will supply plant.
    • The starter organisms I will supply that will begin the nitrogen cycle in your aquatic system.
    • If you want to bring in your own soil with your own microbes, you may do so.
  • A mesocosum is a closed ecosystem that is monitored for many variables.  You will be creating a system of two closed systems that interact and monitor that interaction using various testing techniques.  This project lasts 6 weeks, at the end you will gather your data and write a formal report about the changes in your mesocosum.
  • This project begins 9/2/16 and the collection days for data will be every Friday morning after.  Next week you may begin bringing in organisms and adding to the mesocosum.


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