Career Exploration

Students are encouraged to do research on the careers and college majors, by completing a career inventory survey they will be able to see what areas in the work force will interest them.


High school will be over before you know it. Now is the time to start planning for life after graduation.

Your Life, Your Plan

Have you thought about what you are going to do after high school? Is college the next step? Are you ready for work? MyCareerShines will help you answer these questions, explore your options and develop a plan that puts you on the path to achieve your dreams. It’s your life. Start it with a plan for success.

MyCareerShines Kuder Navigator® is an online planning tool made just for students in high school. It gives you everything you need to start planning for your future. You can:

  • Assess your interests and skills to connect with careers that are just right for you,
  • Explore the extensive catalog of careers to find exciting job opportunities in the dynamic 21st century economy,
  • Get information about colleges and financial aid to turn your plan into reality, and
  • Create a resume that gets you in the door and moves you up the ladder of success.
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