CAS Requirements

CAS Requirements

Creativity. Activity. Service.

Creativity: exploring and extending ideas leading to an original or interpretive product or performance

 Activity:  physical exertion contributing to a healthy lifestyle (This does not include sports or clubs)

Service: collaborative and reciprocal engagement with the community in response to an authentic need

FL Pre-CAS Requirements for 9th & 10th Grade Year:

  • Students must complete a total of 50 hours over two years and document hours on ManageBac. Students must also complete reflection questions (provided in a Google Form) at the very end of their CAS experience. All 50 hours and reflections must be completed and documented by the first day of school of junior year in order to be inducted into the IB program.
  • Activities logged must be completed during Freshman & Sophomore year, which includes the summers afterentering 9th
  • Though CAS stands for Creativity, Activity, and Service, we at PHS focus on service. CAS Hours must include the service strand in order to be counted, though the creativity and activity strand can be included to augment your CAS experience.

CAS Requirements for 11th & 12th Grade Year:

  1. Your CAS Project must total at least 100 hours and be sustained over 18 months.
  2. Two or more CAS Strands must be included in your CAS project and one of those strands must be service.
  3. Documentation of hours, reflection, and evidence must be done in ManageBac.
  4. Reflections must be completed once every 9 weeks.
  5. All 7 learning outcomes must be demonstrated through evidence and reflections (See the CAS handbook under the CAS tab for the learning outcomes.)
  6. You must have 3 formal interviews with the CAS Coordinator and complete a final presentation senior year in TOK (specific instructions will be given beforehand).
  7. You must follow the guidelines for what is considered CAS.

CAS Documentation for 9 – 12th:

  • Web-based record-keeping via Managebac:
    • Student must register for an account through the IB office which costs $13 per year.
  • CAS hours and reflection entries must be documented in Managebac and will be accepted and reviewed by the IB office
  • After documentation on Managebac is complete, verify these hours have been completed by your supervisor.  Please adhere to the following instructions:
    • Click on your entered CAS
    • On the bottom right hand corner on your Managebac interface, print CAS verification form or submit an e-mail to your supervisor.
    • Maintain verification forms for your records for later review.

CAS Opportunities:

  • New CAS opportunities are posted on the PHS IB website under the CAS tab.  Also, CAS opportunities will also be posted in the CAS Google Classroom. See Mrs Eligio for the classroom code.
  • Chain Reaction:
    • Many PHS students are members
    • For minimal dues, chain reaction provides volunteer ideas, training, supervision, and record-keeping

CAS is:

  • Purposeful activities that promote learning.
  • Activities that include thoughtful planning.
  • Range of various activities to explore what a student enjoys.


  • Family duty
  • Experience that only benefits the student
  • Fundraising without a specific service goal
  • Any activity without a responsible adult in charge
  • Anything that divides the community
  • Any project or activity that is part of an academic class/course
  • Attending a church service
  • Any activity for which student receives a grade, a reward, or payment
  • An activity in which a profit-seeking entity makes money from the students’ activity
    • Example: working for free at a dance studio that charges fees, even though  the student is unpaid
  • Simple repetitive work over a long period of time
    • Example: It is OK to stamp mail for announcing the project you are rendering, but not OK to just put stamps on envelopes for hours at a time for a nonprofit. Learning should be taking place.
  • Passive pursuits
    • Example: Attending a play, unless it clearly inspires work in a related activity where student is engaged in seeing a famous actress perform the role the student will be playing in community theatre.
  • You cannot receive CAS credit for work that is part of a diploma program subject, TOK, or your extended essay, but it is ok if a CAS activity also fulfils another requirement/activity.

Example: Extra credit is offered in a class if you participate in a weekend event such as working a festival booth. You can receive extra credit in that class AND you can log it for CAS.

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