Application Process

Thank you for your interest in the International Baccalaureate Program at Pensacola High School


Upcoming Events for Interested Students/Families

  • Open House Event for prospective students and will be Saturday, October 14th at 10 A.M.  After a general overview about the IB program in the PHS auditorium, a school tour including classroom presentations will be featured.  After the classroom presentations, current IB parents and students will be available to ask questions.
  • Shadowing: Interested students are able to visit the IB program during the school day and shadow a current student.  Please contact the IB secretary, Mrs. Matisse Gilson, to schedule a  visit at


Admission Timeline

  • The on-line application will be available on October 30th.  The application can be submitted from October 30th– December 15th 2017 for ALL students applying.  No late application will accepted after this time unless families moved into the district after the deadline.
  • Acceptance  letters will be sent from the district office on February 2nd.
  • Acceptance letters must be returned to the IB office  to secure slot in the IB program from February 5th- February 16th.

 To access the application, View our Home Page!


Admission Requirements

Applications are scored based on the following:  most recent report card, FSA (or standardized test scores), four teacher recommendations.

The following criteria is expected for admission into the IB program:

  • A/B average on most recent report card
  • FSA scores in Reading- 85 percentile (Standardized tests will be accepted for students who did not take Escambia County state testing)
  • Math-75 percentile (Standardized tests will be accepted for students who did not take Escambia County state testing)
    • Please note that the district county office will request school records.
  • Four satisfactory teacher recommendations in different subject areas. Students will enter current teacher e-mails for Math, Science, History and  English in the on-line application. Teacher will  receive the recommendations via e-mail and will submit them electronically.
    • No serious discipline infraction or repeated history of disciplinary problems
    • No persistent attendance problems

You may provide a letter of explanation to the IB office by e-mailing  if one of the above requirements was unable to be met due to extenuating circumstances (e.g. FSA history shows level 4 or above the previous two years but this year proficient level was not met.  Another example: Grades in 8th grade were poor due to family death but previous two report cards were A/B average).

Application Process

  • Applications must be submitted by December 15th.
  • Acceptance letters will be sent from the district office on February 2nd and IB acceptance letters will be sent as well. 
  • Acceptance letters must be returned to us as well as registration paperwork to secure slot in the IB program between February 5th- February 16th.
  • PHS is hosting a curriculum fair called “Pathways to Success” that is TBD. All students will meet regarding registration and other important information in the PHS Auditorium.  Following registration, you and your parents/guardians can then explore course elective options and various club and sport offered at PHS at the curriculum fair in the cafeteria afterwards.  Please make the best possible decision about course selections because schedule changes are limited.


  • Donations to the Drive for Excellence are Tax-Deductible!