PHS Sports

Click here for the Pensacola High School Athletics Calendar.

Fall Sports

Football: Mike Mincy (

Volleyball: Kerry Clarke (…

Girls’ Cross Country: Dale Brewer (

Boys’ Cross Country: Dale Brewer (

Girls’ Golf: Terrence Harris (

Boys’ Golf: Justin Aultman (

Swimming & Diving: Whitney Voeltz (


Winter Sports

Girls’ Basketball: Alison Davis (

Boys’ Basketball: Terrence Harris (

Girls’ Soccer: Fred Garth (

Boys’ Soccer: Greg Garrett (

Girls’ Weightlifting: Tracy Gully (

Boys’ Weightlifting: Mike Mincy (


Spring Sports

Baseball: Steve Kaderly (

Softball: Enrique Eligio (

Girls’ Track: TBD

Boys’ Track: TBD

Tennis: Greg Garrett (

Girls’ Lacrosse: TBD

Boys‘ Lacrosse: TBD

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